Jesus Was A Refugee

nativity scene

In last week’s column, we examined Luke’s account of how Jesus and His parents ended up homeless in Bethlehem and were forced to find shelter in a barn or cave.  Since most subscribers to this paper have warm homes and ample food, I pray that this reflection isn’t lost among…

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Homesick On New Year’s Eve

fireworks picture

I’ve enjoyed many New Year’s Eves over the years with family and friends.   Some have been spent quietly at home, some at church for Watchnight services complete with games and great refreshments, and some with a few friends watching the ball drop on television.  As a boy, I remember some…

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Away In A Feed Trough

manger scene

Away in a Manger has long been a favorite Christmas Carol for many children as well as adults.  The soft tune conjures up warm and cozy images of a stable’s comfy interior, complete with adoring shepherds and generous wise men.  While this picture of the holy nativity dominates our thoughts…

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Establishing A U.S. Prayer Force

Following the most recent terrorist attack in California, certain politicians and media have mocked and ridiculed calls to prayer. Mike Luckovich’s political cartoon that appeared in this paper on December 7th lampooned certain officials for announcing a doubling of prayers as a potential strategy to fight terrorism. Only in twenty-first…

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