Zachary Taylor’s Solution

Most Americans don’t know much about our nation’s twelfth President, Zachary Taylor, but a few things happened early in his presidency that are very noteworthy.  For starters, even though he had the nickname of “Old Rough and Ready” from his leadership in the War of 1812, he refused to be…

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Can We Trust The Bible?

I recently had the privilege of attending a seminar in which I got to touch a nearly 600 year old scroll which consisted of the first five books of the Bible.  It was a fascinating experience to see a document which had been the spiritual center a Jewish community in…

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The Moral of the Morel

morel mushroom

Although it may have taken a little longer to get here than some of us had hoped, it seems that spring has finally sprung.  The trees are blooming, the turkeys are gobbling and the grass is growing.  For all of its beauty, color, and newness, I don’t think I’ve ever…

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There’s Something Fishy About This

fish market

Nearly a month ago, in the March 14 edition of this newspaper, an article highlighted sexual oddities that are plaguing smallmouth bass in tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay.  Being an outdoorsman and an occasional fisherman, I found the article interesting and informing if not a bit disturbing.  Fish biologists are…

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