God’s Night Vision Goggles

While the dog is man’s best friend, the cat may fill that role for his wife.  Although it is certainly not my preference, many women enjoy the companionship of these furry felines.  As my wife reminds me, even cats can reveal something to us of the great Creator who made…

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Reckless Driving With Horses

horse and buggy

All modern motorists are familiar with the large fines and insurance increases that accompany a reckless driving charge.  I was somewhat surprised, however, to learn that some drivers were cited for this even back in the days of the horse and buggy. I’m enjoying the recollections of local historian Fred…

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Snakes In The Leaves

hidden copperhead

Imagine my alarm as my twelve year old son exclaimed, “Hey Dad, what kind of snake is this?”  Those are the words that will immediately command every father’s full attention, especially when his 9 year old daughter is close behind that son. About a dozen years ago, the three of…

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Breaking Down The Doors

oak door and handle

I recently returned from our denominational conference in Greensboro, North Carolina and believe it or not, I don’t feel sick, evil, or guilty.  While others boycott the state for its bathroom bill, I enjoyed the peace of mind this protection afforded me and all others. The relentless pressure from the…

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