Christ or Christmas?

christmas tree light

With the turning of this final page of the calendar, we usher in the red and the green.  Welcome to the month of Christmas!  This holiday is the premier celebration of the entire year for most Americans and a tremendous boon for retail businesses as well.  What is it about…

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Where Are The Other Nine?

thanksgiving candle

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays for many reasons.  For one, it is a day on which most individuals and businesses still pause to rest, although that is sadly changing very quickly.  This day is also special to me because of the opportunity to spend time with my family…

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A Chain Saw Doesn’t Always Help

blue chainsaw picture

Forty years ago this week, my father’s taxidermy shop was a busy place.  Successful hunters were dropping off their trophies and unsuccessful ones were stopping by to rubberneck at what they were hunting for while trading deer tales.  During deer season, the shop was usually open until 9 and sometimes…

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Parable of the Powder


Firearms season for deer is finally here!  While it’s not yet regular rifle season, muzzleloading weapons can be used through next Friday.  I’ve already been out a few times but haven’t seen anything to shoot at except some raccoons and a turkey, all of which I passed up.  But sitting…

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Remember The Persecuted

Sunday, November 1, is a very special holiday that deserves recognition by all believers.  Not only is this All Saints Day when the church has historically recognized the contributions of past members and leaders, but this year it coincides with the Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.  The first…

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Two Walls of Remembrance

Vietnam Memorial

When I was still teaching high school, I always took my Leadership Development classes on an annual field trip to Washington DC.  Each year, we endeavored to meet with leaders, sit in on a Supreme Court case, observe government in action, and experience our nation’s Capital up close. 

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