Two Walls of Remembrance

Vietnam Memorial

When I was still teaching high school, I always took my Leadership Development classes on an annual field trip to Washington DC.  Each year, we endeavored to meet with leaders, sit in on a Supreme Court case, observe government in action, and experience our nation’s Capital up close. 

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A Case of Mistaken Value

stacks of coins

On a recent episode of Pawn Stars, a customer brought a small medallion into the store.  It was in the shape of a two headed eagle and was quite eye catching, but nothing that appeared spectacular.  The gentleman said he had recently purchased it at a garage sale for 75…

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Blacksmith’s Shop

anvil with hammer

Blacksmith’s Shop George Bowers October, 2012  I went down to the blacksmith’s shop, to watch him at his work, And saw him beat and pound, like someone half berserk. But he knew just what to do, to make what was in his mind, His skills and brains and brawn, were…

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